Question: What do you get when you mix a “sullen, sultry crooner” (Philadelphia Inquirer) and “refined songwriter” (WDVR) with a “surreal” guitarist and composer of “post-apocalyptic, dystopian landscapes” (Elucidator)?


Answer: Hot4Robot, whose debut, self-titled album is available everywhere.

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“Driving handmade rock with a wise melancholic undertone. This tune feels like a road movie soundtrack with an energetic twist.”

~ KMS Reviews

“This is a band working well outside of any box we’ve ever heard of, this is experimental in both musicality and content. If this is a testament of what Hot4Robot are bringing to the table, lay out a place for us at the next feast, we’re going to gorge ourselves silly.”

~Yack Magazine

A brilliant vision…each track on Hot4Robot is a multi-layered, adventurous soundscape full of memorable moments and important, thought-provoking commentary.​”

~Underground Music Collective


Genre defying and fearlessly inventive, Hot4Robot takes listeners on a rock art odyssey of textured soundscapes, haunting melodies and evocative lyrics.  Blending a colorful palette of alt rock, punk and new wave influences, Hot4Robot weaves its own unmistakable and fiercely unconventional sound.  Hot4Robot is the brainchild of celebrated solo artists Alex Radus and Dave Cahill, and also features the exceptional talents of Robbie Sko and Andy Janowiak.

Radus is described as a “versatile crooner” and “refined songwriter”, while Cahill is lauded for his “surreal” guitar work and compositions that evoke “post-apocalyptic, dystopian landscapes.” This clash of opposites is Hot4Robot’s launchpad. Hot4Robot’s debut, self-titled concept album is a dark, whimsical and irreverent exploration of our desire to be more than Just Human, merging thoughtful commentary with energetic and emotive alt rock delivery.  Think a musical version of Netflix’s Black Mirror.

For release the week of May 10th

Contact Information:
Alex Radus

Pandemic Creates Time for Art:
Indie Rock Band, Hot4Robot, Releases Debut Album May 18, 2021

Indie rock band Hot4Robot releases its debut, self-titled album on May 18, 2021 with a series of locally produced web and podcast listening parties.  Hot4Robot is the latest collaboration of celebrated local solo artists Alex Radus and Dave Cahill.  However, without the pandemic, it may have been a few more years before Hot4Robot’s concept rock album saw the light of day.

Listening Parties (list to be updated)

  • flex* adapt with intent – a webcast series hosted by Dina Hall (date and time tba)
  • Sit Downs and Sessions – a podcast series hosted by Chris Poh and Dave McBride (date and time tba)

Radus and Cahill are musical opposites. Radus is a “sullen, sultry crooner” (Philadelphia Inquirer) and “refined songwriter” (WDVR), while Cahill is a “surreal” guitarist and composer of “post-apocalyptic, dystopian landscapes” (Elucidator).  They have shared the stage with diverse national artists:  Richie Havens, Regina Spektor, Sharon Van Etten, Tim Reynolds and Dean Ween, and have performed at numerous festivals and famed clubs such as MusikFest, The New York Antifolk Festival, World Cafe Live, Club Passim, and John & Peters.

Their unlikely collaboration defines Hot4Robot’s sound.  Blending a colorful palette of influences (Dire Straits, Radiohead, Bowie, Muse, the Pixies), Hot4Robot creates rich, textured soundscapes in service to melody and lyric-driven compositions.  

This clash of opposites also shaped Hot4Robot’s story.  Begun in 2014, Hot4Robot was a multi-year labor of love.  This is due to the meticulous crafting of its songs and recordings, but also to Radus’ and Cahill’s busy schedules for their solo projects.  “Like everyone else, the pandemic slowed down our hectic lives and allowed us to focus on this project,” says Radus.  “Hot4Robot might have been a few more years in the making otherwise.”

As a concept rock album, Hot4Robot has only become more relevant with the passage of time. A dark, whimsical and at times humorous exploration of mankind’s use of tech to transcend itself, Hot4Robot merges thoughtful commentary with energetic and emotive indie rock delivery.  Think a musical version of Netflix’s Black Mirror.

The web and podcast listening parties will feature music and videos from the new album, interviews with Radus and Cahill on the making of Hot4Robot, contests and giveaways and more.

The pandemic has shown that music still connects us, even when we are physically apart–and that a little extra time may be all you need to realize a dream deferred.  Connect with Hot4Robot at their upcoming album release listening parties as they share their pandemic project with the world. 

Our Story

Hot4Robot is the latest iteration of a decades-long collaboration of musical opposites: Dave Cahill and Alex Radus.  Cahill and Radus were literally playing music together before they knew each other’s names—having been thrown into a jam at a party by mutual friends who just “knew”.  Within minutes the pair were encircled by listeners, stunned at the immediacy and impact of their musical connection—and setting the stage for years of engaging performances to come.

Hot 4 Robot

Beginning with a mutual infatuation with Gypsy Jazz, their collaboration has deftly cross-pollinated multiple genres throughout the years.   Radus’ “soaring” vocals (Elucidator) have been featured on many of Cahill’s recordings.  Cahill’s “masterful” guitar work (Steel Notes Magazine) has appeared on Radus’ albums—most notably the fan favorite, We Can’t Play Like Django.  They’ve shared the stage with diverse national artists:  Richie Havens, Regina Spektor, Sharon Van Etten, Tim Reynolds and Dean Ween.  Radus’ music has appeared in film and television, including 2018’s Adolescence, directed by Ashley Avis (Black Beauty).  Through it all, Cahill and Radus have maintained their distinctive sounds and styles, but have shared a common aim to transcend musical genres and boundaries.

Perhaps inevitably then, Hot4Robot explores the darker, whimsical and at times humorous sides of transcendence. “Nobody wanna be just human”, sings Radus, of mankind’s implacable drive to improve itself.  Musing on war, drugs, the media, and exploring the stars, Hot4Robot reflects on and anticipates what is gained and lost as humanity creates newer and more complex versions of itself.  Think a musical version of Netflix’s Black Mirror. Blending a colorful palette of influences (Dire Straits, Radiohead, Bowie, Muse, the Pixies), Hot4Robot creates rich, textured soundscapes in service to melody and lyric-driven compositions, merging thoughtful commentary with energetic and emotive indie rock delivery.  Hot4Robot also features Evan Straley (bass) and Andy Janowiak (drums). 

Across their eclectic musical careers, Cahill and Radus have individually earned multiple awards and critical acclaim for their performing and songwriting.  Now they combine their programming with Hot4Robot, and achieve a powerful concept rock album that is truly unique and reminiscent of the future.

Press and Accolades

For Alex Radus

Radus has charmed the pants of many a lass ‘n’ lad with that F-hole twanging Geetar and that sullen sultry croon.

The City Paper

Alex Radus is one skillful fretman who seems poised to break out. The 25-year-old folk, jazz blues artist works his acoustic guitar in a picking percussive style a la Dave Matthews reborn as an old Southern field hand.
Tony Sienzant

The Morning Call

Radus’ music is “impressive…eerie, intense and wonderful.
The Morning Call

Alex is a master guitarist whose songwriting continues to flourish.
Courier News

Alex brings an uncanny measure of refinement to the songwriting craft.” His wit and wisdom come to light in lyrics that are poignant and sophisticated. His guitar work gravitates between inspired and brilliant. In short – this kid can cook!

Duende: Maria Woodford and Alex Radus is indeed as charming as it’s namesake… a fluid, melodic hybrid of roots music.

The Village Voice

Duende: Maria Woodford and Alex Radus is one of the best CD’s I have heard out of the thousands I have received since I started CD Baby.
Derek Sivers

Founder, CD Baby

Keep going, we need artists like you to carry the torch.

Richie Havens

For Dave Cahill

Cahill vs. Kalma is the kind of album that deserves to be heard in full. It is an experience more than it is a collection of songs and random thoughts, or blips and bleeps, if you will. Sure, it may seem a bit odd, surreal, trippy, spacey or a combination of all four. Yet Cahill vs. Kalma consistently sparks with creativity.

Dustin Schoof

A bit later, Dave Cahill took the stage and unleashed his Mad Scientist / Gypsy Punk / Guitar Robot Porn on the world. New Hope was stupefied. Soon after, Tim Reynolds stepped up and played the night away with virtuosity and humility. A man and a guitar creating more than the sum of the whole. I had a Dewars, neat. There was no Goat…yet.
Carter Lansing

The Elucidator

The guitarist-vocalist and former Almighty Terribles frontman has lined up not one, but, two upcoming dates opening for nationally-recognized guitarist Tim Reynolds. (The latter is best known for his collaborations with Dave Matthews.) Cahill recently released the electrifying single, “Future Shock.” Between a promising solo career and his work with the band Hot 4 Robot — which includes fellow guitarist-vocalist Alex Radus — Cahill is poised to turn even more heads in 2016.

Dustin Schoof

Their live shows are the aural assault of madmen on a righteous mission–a mix of guitarist and brainchild (songwriter, producer, album artwork) Dave Cahill’s metal showmanship and Adrian Belew-esque squeals fueled by the airtight bashing polyrhythm drum work of Ryan Decker (who often delivers as a Neil Peart disciple) and bassist Nathan Powell who stands rock solid as The Terrible’s own John Entwistle feeding the melody and foundation beneath the cozmik chaos.
Jason E.R. Hedrington

The Valley Beat

Their strength lies in the laser-guided precision of their instrumentation — at times sounding off-the-cuff yet terse and intricately connected. Singer/guitarist Dave Cahill lays down slabs of distorted guitar crunch.

The Express Times

Hot4Robot Album Credits

Hot4Robot is Dave Cahill (lead guitars), Alex Radus (vocals and rhythm guitars), Andy Janowiak (drums), and Evan Straley (bass)

Track Listing:

  1. Made with Guns (lyrics – Radus; music – Radus, Cahill)
  2. Binary World (lyrics – Radus; music – Radus, Cahill)
  3. Your Chemical (lyrics – Radus; music – Radus, Cahill)
  4. Just Human (Radus)
  5. Bloody Murder (Radus)
  6. Blue Screen (lyrics – Radus; music – Radus, Cahill, Janowiak, Straley)
  7. You’re Precious (Radus)

Produced by Dave Cahill and Alex Radus 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Herman at TreeFort Studios, Brooklyn, NY.



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